Tigran Sargsyan

QA Engineer/Full Stack Developer

HTML/CSS | JavaScript | ReactJS | Python | Node.js/Express | Jest Unit/Integration/UI Testing | Selenium with Python(Automation testing)

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Hello, here you can find some of my recent projects; for the complete list, please visit: https://github.com/umbur?tab=repositories

Crime Statistics For Travelers

Served as Full Stack Web Developer for a team of 6 (4 Developers, 2 Data Scientists). The goal of this project is to make the world a safer place. Through our application we bring awareness to current safety issues in the United States and let travelers know what is safe and what is not.
Front-end Github repo: github.com/Lambda-School-Labs/crime-statistics-for-travelers-fe
Back-end Github repo: github.com/Lambda-School-Labs/crime-statistics-for-travelers-be
Deployed project: crimestatsfortravelers.com


Served as Full Stack Web Developer for a team of 6 (4 Developers, 2 Data Scientists).Quizzer is an application that allows teachers to create self remediating quizzes and share the quizzes with students. If the student incorrectly answers questions, the student will be asked the remediation questions, previously prepared by the teacher, unless they get all the questions right.
Front-end Github repo: github.com/labs13-quizzer/front-end
Back-end Github repo: github.com/labs13-quizzer/back-end
Deployed project: quizzer.netlify.app